Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray . . . It's Graduation Day!

Last week I graduated from BYU and it feels fantastic! Granted, I still don't have a job for next year, but one thing at a time, right?

(I somehow talked my sister-in-law Christine into walking with the dorky Physical and Mathematical Science majors. What a good sport!)

The building I spent WAY too much time in over the past four years.

Dad and Grammy came out for the festivities.

My friend, Michelle. She was the only other Chemistry Education major. Needless to say, we spent lots of time together.

I went to the big commencement with one of my best and oldest friends, Kristie. I definitely had deja vu of high school graduation!


Sarah McK said...

Cute pics! You are hot! But Grandma is the cutest! Do you have this set up to only show one entry at a time on purpose?

Katie Halverson said...

Congrats Laura!!