Thursday, May 28, 2009

ZUMBA anyone?

Don't ask me what I was expecting when I went to a group exercise class at my local rec center in the middle of the day. I mean, who besides college graduates spending a few weeks with nothing to do at their parents' house can workout at 10 am on a Wednesday? Oh yeah--senior citizens.

Needless to say, I was a little surprised when I walked into the ZUMBA class to find lots of well beyond middle aged women ready to work it! (For those of you who may not be familiar with ZUMBA--it is a workout that combines latin dances with hip hop and aerobics. Not exactly what you would imagine the "silver sneakers" 70+ club being into.) My skepticism was quickly erased once the class started. Maybe the lady sporting the shiny, skin tight, stretch shorts with blue push down ruffle socks couldn't do all the moves the instructor was demonstrating, but she sure tried. And maybe the woman wearing the teal 80s jumpsuit with green swiggly stipes pulled up to her chest had to rest between each song, but she sure knew how to shimmy!!! Needless to say, it was probably the most fun I have ever had working out.

So the class inspired me. Seeing as I can't teach next year, I did some research - There is a ZUMBA instructor certification class near San Diego in July. I can see myself workin' it with some oldsters next year . . . Who thinks I should do it?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Officer Sam

After three LONG months apart, Sam and I were finally reunited in Rhode Island for his Officer Candidate School Graduation a couple weeks ago. It is so fun to be reunited!!! That explains why it took me so long to post about this.

The night before graduation, there was a "Hi Mom" party (although truth be told, it was more of a hi wife/girlfriend party). We had to listen to a bunch of rather boring speeches, but during the drill instructor's talk, he surprised the graduates by screaming at them and giving their families a taste of life at OCS. They had to run in place and do tons of pushups while screaming back commands in perfect unision--very fun to watch. I was too slow with the video camera though, so you will have to take my word for it.

My hot navy hunk

With Sam's parents

The ceremony the next day was really cool. Not coming from a military family, I haven't experienced old fashioned ceremonies like that very often. Sam was fifth in his class, so he got to lead the "first platoon" and call out commands all through the graduation ceremony. He even got to wield a sword. :)

Sam is right up front with the sword at his side.

The proud wife who can't resist that Top Gun uniform. :)

I know this video is a bit long, but you can here Sam yelling commands at the end. He is the one on the end of the third row. All of the yelling after the first 30 seconds is Sammy. Funnest.

This is Sam's ceremonial first salute. After treating him like dirt for three months, the class drill instructor and chief now have to salute Sam.

The big move

Sam got his final orders and we are heading to . . . San Diego!!! We are extremely excited. He has to report to Naval Medical Center San Diego on June 1st where he will be on the engineering team in charge of maintaining the gigantic hospital complex there. And hey, no complaints from me! That is in one of the best parts of San Diego, right next to the zoo and Balboa Park. Let's just say I will NOT miss scraping snow off my car on the way to school at 6 AM. Woo hoo!