Thursday, May 14, 2009

Officer Sam

After three LONG months apart, Sam and I were finally reunited in Rhode Island for his Officer Candidate School Graduation a couple weeks ago. It is so fun to be reunited!!! That explains why it took me so long to post about this.

The night before graduation, there was a "Hi Mom" party (although truth be told, it was more of a hi wife/girlfriend party). We had to listen to a bunch of rather boring speeches, but during the drill instructor's talk, he surprised the graduates by screaming at them and giving their families a taste of life at OCS. They had to run in place and do tons of pushups while screaming back commands in perfect unision--very fun to watch. I was too slow with the video camera though, so you will have to take my word for it.

My hot navy hunk

With Sam's parents

The ceremony the next day was really cool. Not coming from a military family, I haven't experienced old fashioned ceremonies like that very often. Sam was fifth in his class, so he got to lead the "first platoon" and call out commands all through the graduation ceremony. He even got to wield a sword. :)

Sam is right up front with the sword at his side.

The proud wife who can't resist that Top Gun uniform. :)

I know this video is a bit long, but you can here Sam yelling commands at the end. He is the one on the end of the third row. All of the yelling after the first 30 seconds is Sammy. Funnest.

This is Sam's ceremonial first salute. After treating him like dirt for three months, the class drill instructor and chief now have to salute Sam.


Sarah McK said...

What a MAN!!! I love you guys! It has been so fun to spend time with you!!! xoxo

Christa and Marcus said...

Laura!! I am so happy you started a blog! You are so beautiful I love your haircut and I hope you have a great time in San Diego (Can I come visit?) Love ya!

Rachel said...

Next time we are all together, I want Sam to lead the family in a little drill exercise...and Ryan wants to wear his hat.

Meghan Riley said...

Wow that is amazing and so cute!! I can not wait to see my Matty when he gets done! He started June 7th! Do you know when they can start calling? Or get that "one phone call"? I've been sending him letters and wonder when he gets those? :)