Thursday, May 14, 2009

The big move

Sam got his final orders and we are heading to . . . San Diego!!! We are extremely excited. He has to report to Naval Medical Center San Diego on June 1st where he will be on the engineering team in charge of maintaining the gigantic hospital complex there. And hey, no complaints from me! That is in one of the best parts of San Diego, right next to the zoo and Balboa Park. Let's just say I will NOT miss scraping snow off my car on the way to school at 6 AM. Woo hoo!


Courtney Lee said...

Has Sam graduated yet? How are you guys? I miss you!

Sarah McK said...

Funnest! Callum and I will have to hatch a scheme to come visit! SEE YOU SOON!!!

amylouwho said...

I will be there. With bells on and fabric in my suitcase.

I might bring the kids too. If you insist.