Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guess who has the best dad ever?


I called my dad last week to whine that Sam was going on field exercises for a week and leaving me in the stupid hotel by myself.  (I wouldn't mind so much if we were in San Diego, but I don't know a soul at Port Hueneme yet, so I was feeling sorry for myself.)  Next thing I know, I am flying to Denver for the whole week!!!  Funnest.  I get to hang out with my dad, my beyond adorable grandparents, and my two best friends.  Doesn't get any better than that.  Ok, fine . . . maybe if my sisters were here.  But I am not complaining.

Thanks, Dad!  I love you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pros and Cons

We moved up to Port Hueneme a few weeks ago so Sam could begin his training up here.  We are staying at a hotel on base for three months and it has its pros and cons.

What I miss about San Diego. . . (in no particular order Amby)

1. Fiji Yogurt--my favorite of the new "fat free yogurt" craze (any Seinfeld fans out there? Yes. I think it is too good to be true as well).  They don't have any up here.  Dang.

2. Girl's night in my ward with divine treats and Project Runway.  I had never seen it before but I got sucked in.

3. Amber and her boys!!!

4. Going to the beach every Saturday (especially when combined with above).  See photo for proof of fun and cuteness. 
I promise I had clothes on.  Awkward. 

5. My large, spacious apartment.  Especially my full sized fridge, oven, and kitchen aid mixer. That is the worst thing about this place--the kitchen!  We have a half sized oven that is a relic of the WWII era and a college dorm sized fridge.  What the?!?

What I don't miss . . .  

1.  Cleaning the bathroom.  Best thing about living in a hotel?  MAID SERVICE.  So nice.  The only thing she doesn't clean is the kitchen.

2.  Having to drive everywhere.  I ride my bike to the gym, post office, grocery store, doctor, etc.  Very pleasant.  (More on my bike to come)

Friday, September 11, 2009

My feeble attempt at creativity

I once went to Michael's during a big sale with my crafty sister, Sarah. As she coveted the scrapbooking supplies, beads, ribbon, and other craft goodies, I stood there wishing she would hurry up. She quickly informed me that I am boring because I have no hobbies. My retort? Nu-uh . . . I read. :) And it's true--I read A LOT. But then I find myself seeing all the women around me expressing their creativity through sewing or making cards or designing jewelry and I feel like a total lame-o.

Then I bought a hat with potential to be adorable but just a little lacking. So I decided to try being creative. You know what? It was fun! And somewhat addicting.

  I know the flower is a tad too large, but it is on a pin so I can remove it and make something even better.  Give me a break--it was my first attempt. 

I decided to try it out on a headband too!  Sam told me that it was cute but then hestitantly added, "Is everything in our house going to be covered in flowers soon?"  Ha! 

The buttons are actually an adorable hot pink, but the bad light made them look red. Grr.

So there it is.  Admire it.  Pat me on the back.  Somehow my sickeningly creative sister-in-law made me promise to post this for her "sew-and-tell" with all her crafty blogger buddies--embarrassing!!!  

Want to make one?  Just follow this tutorial.  Although, let's face it . . . I would rather you didn't since now i can make them as gifts.  I'm just saying.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun in Monterey

Sam and I took a side trip on our way to Port Hueneme to visit Sam's sister Cat and her family in Monterey.  You all know how I despise car trips, but the extra 6 hours there and back weren't so bad with Sam driving the entire way and the breathtaking scenery along the coast!  (He is such a good sport.)

Isn't this gorgeous?  And this wasn't even the prettiest stop--it just happened to be one where we could pull off for pictures.

The weather was perfect and we spent the day exploring Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row (be jealous all you fellow Steinbeck lovers out there).

The marina at Fisherman's Wharf.  Sam LOVES sailboats. 

But the best part of all was just hanging out with Cat, Mark, and the kids.  They have lived in Okinawa since Sam and I started dating, so I am just now really getting to know them well.  And I love them!!! They are so fun, and I am glad we get to see them more often now.  Honestly, how could I not love these cuties? 

Ethan even sleeps in this hat :) And he puts his "treasures" (aka. trash) in the tiny pocket on it.

Matt is a sweetheart who is always willing to give big hugs.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Awesome speech!

I never watch long videos on the internet, but this one was SO worth it!  It is the speech President Obama gave today that was broadcast to all kids attending school in America.  It was wonderful and inspiring, and, as a teacher, I wanted to give him a standing ovation.