Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Awesome speech!

I never watch long videos on the internet, but this one was SO worth it!  It is the speech President Obama gave today that was broadcast to all kids attending school in America.  It was wonderful and inspiring, and, as a teacher, I wanted to give him a standing ovation.



Amber and The Boys said...

I totally agree! So very well done. How is Ventura? We miss you!!!

Kristie said...

I have mixed emotions. It was a great speech, and I totally agree that students are the ones who need to put in the effort and make it worth it. My biggest issue with the speech is that he's becoming predictable! It's always stories of people who are "normal" or struggle and succeed. Where do these stories even come from? His speech writer needs to try a new style.

Kristie said...

AND he shouldn't say "thank you" at the end of his speech. That's what cop out's say at the end of the speeches. His last line was great, he should have just stopped there. (Sorry, the Public Speaking class I took made me super critical :)