Friday, August 21, 2009

More fun in the Buff

Question: What could make an awesome trip even better?

Answer: A cute, little fattie and another sister!!!

Sary and Cal joined us a few days after I arrived. Don't ask me how this is even possible, but he has gotten cuter! Don't believe me?

Bet you do now! I know I am making a weird face but doesn't he look precious? We took this picture to highlight the cool shoes I bought Cal. What a stud.

The only downside is that they brought the heat with them. I swear it was a billion degrees in the Buff and Rachel's apartment isn't air conditioned--YIKES! Needless to say, that made us all a little grumpy and obsessed with finding things to cool us off and get out of that apartment.

We . . .
1. went on a scenic boat cruise on Lake Erie and the Erie Canal and then ate frozen custard and yaked on the pier.

Cal was fussy with us
but content with Ryan. That seemed to be the pattern for the whole trip.

It was there that I discovered that a sure way to make Cal laugh is to hold him up over your head.
Unfortunately, THIS is an all-too-frequent side effect.

2. got haircuts together and then spent the day shopping on a cute little street in Downtown. (Very Steel Magnolias-esque if you ask me.) But no pics to show for it. Boo.

3. had a picnic in the park. 4. Met some famous people--went out for BBQ with Deb and made breakfast with the Lemons. If you want the full scoop on these peeps, follow the links to Rachel's blog. (Highly amusing!)
And of course, we spent a lot of time just cooing over Cal and catching up. What a fun trip! I miss my sissies already!!!


Amber and The Boys said...

Does this blog post mean you didn't go out on a date with your hubby tonight? I guess my commenting right now proves that I am not off having my date with myself. Off to do it now...

amylouwho said...

good times! glad you got to go spend some time with them!