Monday, August 3, 2009

Nice shootin' Tex

Prepare to be shocked:

I, Laura, the avid anti-gun person who swears there will never be a gun in my house, went shooting. Sam has a shooting qualification test next week, so he had to go to a shooting range once to practice (and I got dragged along). Now, since I know you are all wondering, I wasn't converted by any means, but it was kinda fun. I almost peed my pants when we first walked in because it was SO loud, but I got used to that. I never, however, really got over my trepidation of touching the gun.

Don't I look like a she-beast? (That is one of my friend's made up words to describe really manish women)

We call him the Terminator.

It may look like I am aiming . . .

but apparently not! I was not the best shot.


Christa and Marcus said...

Hey Laura! When Marcus and I first met I swore I would never shoot a handgun but my brother in law has one; I shot it once and I actually really enjoyed it. It can be strangely cathartic! I am not sure I could hit that poor cut-out guy!

Sarah McK said...

You ARE a she-beast! :) Actually, you both look like incredibly good-looking movie stars trying to look tough for a spy movie. :) I REALLY hate guns as well, but I did go shooting once with Brian and his male relatives on Thanksgiving. I was the only female they'd ever let come along to crash their male bonding. And I was wearing heels, a leopard print scarf, and sparkly gloves. Yeah. You can guess how great my aim was.

Sarah McK said...

Oh yeah, and SUPER cute header! I need you to teach me how to do that! I want one!

amylouwho said...

I'm so proud of you! It is fun, in a weird she-beast sort of way.

And packing heat makes everyone 10% hotter.

Momma Webb said...

now, i grew up with guns in the house so i'm not opposed. but i am very proud of you for doing something with sam that you, dare i say, hate.... you make me laugh. and that's in a good way and a good thing.