Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My new favorite treat

If there is one thing all Westover women lack, it is self control. We are constantly GORGING ourselves on sweets--brownies, cookie dough you put in the freezer hoping that out of sight will be out of mind, fruit snacks for the nursery kids on Sunday . . . you get the picture. Well my latest junk food obsession is chocolate covered almonds. Something about the roasted nut dipped in rich milk chocolate is just SO addicting. I keep buying these big jars from Costco (even though every time I say it is the last one I will ever purchase) and then making Sam hide them from me so I don't eat all 3 lbs on my own.

Well yesterday I was feeling especially motivated in the fitness department, so after my usual cardio at the gym, I came home and put on a toning video. As I suffered through countless sit-ups, I saw something gleaming, calling to me from under the couch . . . a lid. I found them!!! So what do you think happened next? I ditched the sit-ups and dug in! Mmmm . . . delicious. I should do sit-ups more often!


Kristie said...

Really Sam?!? Under the couch?? Weak sauce. And Laura why did it take you so long to look under the couch. COME ON! :) And if you'd please send me some I'd appreciate it.

Christa and Marcus said...

Hey Laura! I can't divulge the title of the movie because it was quite scandalous but maybe when we are speaking face to face I will entrust you with the secret. Love ya! I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am that you have a blog.

amylouwho said...


I bought Nick some chocolate covered mixed nuts at the commissary the other day - pistachios, cashews, and almonds. Get out of here! Delicious!

If you get dark chocolate covered ones you can totally count it as health food. Almonds = healthiest nut (one of them), dark chocolate = antioxidants, lower sugar. Rationalization complete. You can thank me later.

I think I need to go to Costco. . .