Saturday, July 25, 2009


I definitely go on blogging kicks. I will have weeks where I want to post but have nothing to say, and then really fun weeks when I just don't feel like posting. Well, last week was one of those fun weeks and I am still trying to play catch up. So be prepared for a few post right in a row.

Last Thursday we went to the Coldplay concert! We both really love the band and were pumped to see affordable tickets. We had to sit on the lawn at the very back of the amphitheatre, but it was nice to have room to stretch out and relax. It was made even better when Coldplay came back to us! I have never seen a band do that before but it was a thrill for those of us at the back (especially the annoying high school groupies and drunk college students back there with us). We saw the technies preparing an area with guitars and stuff only about ten feet away from us, so we had to brace ourselves to be tramped. We were dead right. After being smashed, shoved, and having to punch some girl in the butt, we found a place to breathe. But here is our proof:

You can see sweat pouring down Chris Martin's face. Eww.

Just in case anyone reading this is a fan, here is a clip.


Sarah McK said...

Funnest! You have quite the life out there!

amylouwho said...

very cool! Not sure how I've missed these posts....