Thursday, July 23, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

Sam was pumped to go to the Padres game last weekend and so was I. Why would I be interested in a long, boring baseball game, you might ask? One word . . . churros. I have a weakness for those delicious, cinnamon covered, deep fried goodies. They didn't have any at the concession stand near our seats, so I pouted through several innings until Sam went on a search to find me one. He took one bite, shook his head, and said, "I don't know why you think those are so good." Mmmmm . . . more for me.

Don't we look like fans? Sam found these "vintage" Padres shirts online.

I guess I should mention that my second favorite part of the game was the view. The park is RIGHT downtown and near the water--gorgeous!


Sarah McK said...

THat is so funny! I always think I want to go to baseball games b/c I love hot dogs, lemonade, kettle corn, and dippin dots. Never mind that they cost a fortune. Oh yeah, and that once I'm done eating I'm bored stiff!

Rachel said...

From R--I quite like baseball games, purely for the atmosphere. It's pleasant to sit there on a warm summer's eve. Obviously, a churro just perfects that picture.

From SD--Weren't they playing the Rockies? If so, why do you have a Padres shirt on? Do you even know who they were playing? Do you even know who won?

Wish you were here!

Katie Halverson said...

Fun! I love going to baseball games. They're my favorite :) Hope to talk to you soon, Laura!