Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A stroll in the park

We love living so close to Balboa Park! It is very pleasant to take evening strolls together after Sam gets done with work. The park has free concerts every week night and we have had fun going (even though it is usually clear from the quality of the band why it is free--case in point, a bunch of old men in Hawaiian shirts jammin' on guitars).

One cool area of the park is the cactus/desert plant garden. The plants look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book!
There is also a spectacular rose garden with HUGE roses in all different, crazy colors. (I am not at ALL a nature photographer, but you get the point of the unusual colors)


amylouwho said...

I ♥ the rose garden there. And the arboreteum.

Courtney Lee said...

You guys seem like you are having way too much fun. I hate living in boring ol' Utah!

Sarah McK said...

Cool! I wish MO has cool foliage like that! I will comfort myself with the fact that MY free concert was GUSTER! HAHAHA!