Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pros and Cons

We moved up to Port Hueneme a few weeks ago so Sam could begin his training up here.  We are staying at a hotel on base for three months and it has its pros and cons.

What I miss about San Diego. . . (in no particular order Amby)

1. Fiji Yogurt--my favorite of the new "fat free yogurt" craze (any Seinfeld fans out there? Yes. I think it is too good to be true as well).  They don't have any up here.  Dang.

2. Girl's night in my ward with divine treats and Project Runway.  I had never seen it before but I got sucked in.

3. Amber and her boys!!!

4. Going to the beach every Saturday (especially when combined with above).  See photo for proof of fun and cuteness. 
I promise I had clothes on.  Awkward. 

5. My large, spacious apartment.  Especially my full sized fridge, oven, and kitchen aid mixer. That is the worst thing about this place--the kitchen!  We have a half sized oven that is a relic of the WWII era and a college dorm sized fridge.  What the?!?

What I don't miss . . .  

1.  Cleaning the bathroom.  Best thing about living in a hotel?  MAID SERVICE.  So nice.  The only thing she doesn't clean is the kitchen.

2.  Having to drive everywhere.  I ride my bike to the gym, post office, grocery store, doctor, etc.  Very pleasant.  (More on my bike to come)


Amber and The Boys said...

WHAT?! Amber and the boys is 3rd on your list of things you miss?!? :) Love the naked picture. Ha ha! Laughed out loud at your caption below it.

amylouwho said...

you forgot the con for living in both of those places is that it is TOO FAR AWAY FROM US!!!!

Christa and Marcus said...

You are so funny Laura! I miss you so much! I am so unbelievably jealous about your maid service ... that makes it worth the move right there!

Brooke said...

K so we need to catch up more. I had no idea you even moved for a few months. Call me sometime when you're not busy!

Courtney Lee said...

So, nothing to do with your post, but how did your test go? I miss you!

Sarah McK said...

Hey, I'd like some maid service over here, please!!! Don't forget to link your flower how-to soon! xoxo

Christine Webb said...

i´m finally being a good sister in law and not only looking at, but also commenting on your blog! =) I second what Amy said.....and i busted outloud at the pic of you with the kid....your caption was hilarious. i miss you.