Friday, September 11, 2009

My feeble attempt at creativity

I once went to Michael's during a big sale with my crafty sister, Sarah. As she coveted the scrapbooking supplies, beads, ribbon, and other craft goodies, I stood there wishing she would hurry up. She quickly informed me that I am boring because I have no hobbies. My retort? Nu-uh . . . I read. :) And it's true--I read A LOT. But then I find myself seeing all the women around me expressing their creativity through sewing or making cards or designing jewelry and I feel like a total lame-o.

Then I bought a hat with potential to be adorable but just a little lacking. So I decided to try being creative. You know what? It was fun! And somewhat addicting.

  I know the flower is a tad too large, but it is on a pin so I can remove it and make something even better.  Give me a break--it was my first attempt. 

I decided to try it out on a headband too!  Sam told me that it was cute but then hestitantly added, "Is everything in our house going to be covered in flowers soon?"  Ha! 

The buttons are actually an adorable hot pink, but the bad light made them look red. Grr.

So there it is.  Admire it.  Pat me on the back.  Somehow my sickeningly creative sister-in-law made me promise to post this for her "sew-and-tell" with all her crafty blogger buddies--embarrassing!!!  

Want to make one?  Just follow this tutorial.  Although, let's face it . . . I would rather you didn't since now i can make them as gifts.  I'm just saying.


amylouwho said...

whatever laura, SO not embarassing! This is so cute! I totally want a headband now. You have 3 months until my birthday. :)

Sarah McK said...

Super cute! LOVE the headband! And, you know what, flowers are SO IN right now. Seriously! I read many fashion mags and follow pop culture more than I'd like to admit, and big accessories and flowers are totally rock that huge flowered hat! (Hats are super in as well!) I think it is hilarious that Sam asked if everything was going to be covered in flowers! He knows you well! I also think it is hilarious that in this post you made me sound equal in craftiness to Amy. (It was a JoAnn's fabrics, by the way!) :)

Amber and The Boys said...

That hat is SO you!!!

allyn said...

this is amy's friend. we met last december, so we know each other, right. you are totally working that hat and headband. your flowers turned out perfect. all it takes is one little trip into creating and you may very well be hooked.

Christine Webb said...

I think they´re both totally adorable laura! And what the heck do you think you´re doing getting all crafty and creative too?....I thought you were on my side. Now i´m all alone in the uncrafty, uncreative world =) And I can totally hear Sam saying that about the flowers! ha.