Monday, June 8, 2009

Our new place!

When we saw a listing for a two bedroom apartment less than a mile from Sam's work and right on Balboa Park that was within in our price range, we braced ourselves for something truly ghetto. Seeing this posted in the (surprisingly nice looking) lobby, it didn't do much to raise our hopes:
But we were shocked when we walked into the apartment and found this:

We lucked out big time!!! We happened to be in the right place at the right time when the landlord dropped the rent and we nabbed it.

Now the funny thing about this apartment is that the landlady is an extremely quirky old lady who wanted to do some renovations to make it more "luxury." This sounds all good and well, but she really should have gotten some decorating advice from someone a little more hip. For example, she took out the tub shower and put in a nice glass one. The problem? She thought it would be nice to choose the glass with white, leaping dolphins printed on it. TACKY! So if you ever make it over to our place, don't blame me for the pervasive old woman influence. :)

But look at our cute street! We are really excited about living here.


Rachel said...

I LOVE the frosted glass! What a charm!

amylouwho said...

you are killing me with that kitchen! You'd better learn to love cooking or I'm coming over there to beat you with a wooden spoon!!!!!

can't wait to come see you!

SDtheblogmeister said...
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Kristie said...

Sweet apartment. I'm glad you're happy w/ the decision. I hope you have named the frosted dolphins. If not, I will come name them for you.

Sarah McK said...

Oh my gosh! I love those dolphins! They are HiLARIOUS! I want to come bathe with the dolphins.....LUXURY! :)