Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meeting Baby!

How could you resist visiting this little cutie?  Isn't she precious?!?  When I got a phone call from my sister-in-law, Christine, asking me to join her in San Francisco and then drive down to Monterey to visit my other sister-in-law, Cat, I couldn't say no.  In fact, I invited myself to stay almost a week longer so that I could hang out with Cat and her kids.  (Thanks, Cat for putting up with me!)

My favorite thing of all was just to hold Baby (she doesn't have a name yet) and chat with Cat.

Unfortunately, I got really sick on one of my first days and spent a large amount of the week doing this . . .

But, despite being sick, I still got to see Matt's school Christmas play

and witness Matt losing two teeth!

Thanks for an awesome week, Cat!  Can I come again sometime?


amylouwho said...

Fun! She is gorgeous! I want to hold her!

Chelsea said...

That smile is irresistible! I think it's cute they haven't thought of a name yet. Maybe she'll just spend her life being called Baby, as in, "No one puts Baby in the corner." Hey, it could work. ;)

Christa and Marcus said...

What a presh baby! Have I mentioned that I am totally baby hungry? Marcus is far more level headed than I am ... if I were in charge we would have like 10 by now and living in the poor house (if that was humanly possible :)