Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do you think?

Should I take the beginning belly dance class I saw advertised through San Diego Community College Continuing Ed program?  I couldn't believe how cheap it is (and yes, I realize that may be a reflection on the quality).  It would be a lot more fun with a friend . . . anyone interested? :)



Christa and Marcus said...

I am SO interested ... too bad I live in Idaho. We are going to be in California in February. Any chance that you guys live anywhere near Laguna Beach?

Sarah McK said...

If I was there I'd be shaking it with you for all I was worth! Work it, girl!

Courtney Lee said...

Oh, totally go for it! I'd like to say I'd do it with you, but you know that I'd rather die than belly dance...I like my own form of belly dancing!