Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two birthdays!

I was going to title this post "Our birthday bashes," but neither of us really had much of a "bash" this year.  Both of our birthdays were pretty laid back.

 Sam turned 27!

 Sam is lucky because he had a little cutie to celebrate with this year (and doesn't the little guy look just thrilled?)


My birthday was marked by a momentous occasion--Sam made a cake!  All by himself. :)  And I have to admit, it was DANG good.  I am sucker for funfetti.


Sarah McK said...

Celebrating with a little cutie IS the best! :)

Amber and The Boys said...

What, no "and my awesome cousin Amber took me out to lunch for my birthday?!?!" :) And gave me nuts that her son that were going to make me die?

amylouwho said...

don't tell Sam, but it's hard to screw up funfetti!