Monday, March 8, 2010

I live here

I have these moments when I look around and think, "Oh my gosh.  I live here!  People pay tons of money to come visit for a week, and I get to live here!"

To celebrate Valentines this year, Sam blindfolded me and drove me out to Coronado.  We went on a fun bike ride, walked along the beach, and had breakfast at an adorable French cafe.  It was 75 degrees on February 15th!  Isn't this gorgeous?

All of the houses on Coronado are adorable.  I want to live there someday. 

 I will never get sick of living near the beach.

Overlooking downtown from the island (the lighting isn't great, but you get the idea)

That's right . . . I live here. :)


Rachel said...

I am soooo jeal-y. It is now getting "warmer" in Buffalo. A whopping 25 degrees.

Amber and The Boys said...

Yes, other people pay tons of money to visit here, but how much do we pay to LIVE here? It sure is nice though.

Courtney Lee said...


Sarah McK said...

Hey---don't rub it in!!!