Sunday, April 11, 2010

A very overdue post

Our last visitors (at the end of January) were Sary and Cal.  But, when he heard they were coming, my dad couldn't resist coming too!  It seems silly to post about something over two months late, but we had a blast, and I want the record for my sake.  So bear with me.

We spent the week . . . 

Playing at the beach

 Eating delicious frozen yogurt
Can you believe that look on his face?  "Um, why is no one feeding me that yogurt?"

Chowing down on Mexican food
Cal went nuts over the re-fried beans and rice.  He couldn't get enough of them!

Exploring Seaport Village
Meow!  That's my very own sexy sailor giving me a smooch.

Taking a harbor cruise
Sam was in heaven to be out on a boat . . . Callum was not!

Enjoying scenic Balboa Park

Gawking at exotic animals in the zoo

And snuggling!  
 Sarah will probably not be pleased with me for putting up this picture, but Cal looked so sweet that I couldn't resist!


Sarah McK said...

I don't care a bit that you put up that picture. Everyone will be so busy staring at him that they'll hardly even notice ME! :)

Jessie's Jargon said...

I love that the Westover girls seem to have so many get togethers even though you all live so far apart. I love you girls!

Hey! I also need to chat with you before I head to Uganda this summer. I will be in Lugazi, which is where I believe you were when you went. Any great advice for me? You can email me at

Thanks Laura! :)

amylouwho said...

i was having a hard time getting your comment box to open up!

Annyyywayyyy, I was just looking at these pics thinking - hey they look just like the ones we took together! Gotta love SD!