Thursday, May 6, 2010

You gotta love sisters

Rachel came and visited me a few weeks ago and just so happened to witness (actually be a critical part of) one of the more embarrassing moments in my life.  And, in typical sister fashion, decided to write about it on her blog!  Gosh . . . how nice of her. 

Anyway, now that the embarrassment has past and I am able to laugh at myself, I thought I would share the joy with you.  Anyone in need of a good laugh?  Want one at my expense?  Go ahead--I give you permission.  Check out Rachie's post (she is a writer and tells it much better than I could).  Enjoy! 


Courtney Lee said...

Haha! Although, that's not that embarrassing! You do have a lovely behind! By the teach zumba!?!?!?! That's awesome! Love you friend!

Ms Merrill said...

That is so funny! And absolutely hilarious! I'm glad you're teaching Zumba. It's really fun.