Saturday, October 10, 2009

Costume Contest

My sister, Sarah, is hosting a costume contest on her blog. The problem is, I don't have access to the family photo albums with photos of all my my mom's masterpieces. So this is the best I can do . . .I was Tiger Lily (a fabulous costume made by my mom for Sarah), and Sam was a cruise boat captain. (Please note the skin tight turtleneck from the ladies' department and fake cocktail--he is a good sport.)

Although this has to be my favorite costume Sam has ever worn. He hopped on one leg for HOURS!



Sarah McK said...

You as Tiger Lily is old news to me, but Sam's are KILLER! Not sure he can compete with the babies, but then again I do like cracking up at him in a skin-tight lady's turtleneck!

Sara Lee said...

Hey fun to find your blog. Cute costumes. Halloween just happens to be my most favorite holiday ever. Wish I had your sis's blog even though I don't really know her. I have some cute costumes of the boys.