Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a "Hard Core" Halloween!

A few weeks ago (don't ask me WHY they had it so early), the base had a big Halloween party. Everyone in Sam's training class was supposed to go in a united theme--the 80s. Really creative, I know. So instead of being the typical, side pony-tailed aerobics instructor type, Sam got his own idea.

(Side Note: Many of you probably don't know this, but Sam gets SUPER into dressing up when it is his own idea. If I try to force him into a costume of my own creation, he is not so interested. But when he comes up with the idea, he runs with it! )

Another thing you may or may not know about Sam, he is a HUGE music buff.  So he decided we should go as Slash and Axl Rose from Guns 'n Roses. I was shocked by how many people actually recognized who we were. I guess that just proves that I am not really a child of the 80s.

For some reason, the picture of Axl that we used as inspiration won't link into my blog.  Annoying!  But Sam drew the tattoos exactly to match, and I really did look just like the original picture (minus the fact that he was topless--meow).  We decided the cigarette was too nasty to include, even if it would make Sam more authentic. :)


Rachel said...


Sarah McK said...

Those are KILLER! I can't see the real Axl Rose picture to compare, but Sam looks amazing! Exactly like him!

Amber and The Boys said...

That is so funny! So out of character for both of you!

Stacey said...

I LOVE IT! I don't remember this group at all and I was how old???
Well never mind about that.... you guys are the best!! HaPpY HaLlOwEen Laura and Sam!

amylouwho said...

you guys are hilarious!

But I think you might have scared duckman and fairy princess.

Christa and Marcus said...

I am not horrified at all that you haven't read Twilight. I think it is fairly lame how engrossing it is, so you are probably better off leaving it alone! I hope you guys are doing awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!