Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grand Central Station at the Webb's

We have had a TON of visitors over the past month.  Just listen to this . . . Nick, Amy, and their cute kids came first.  Then my grandparents.  Then more Nick and Amy.  And then Sary, Cal, and my dad.  Last Wednesday was the first day I have had totally to myself since December 22nd.  Phew!  It was quite the whirlwind month, and now I am sad that all my visitors are gone.  (Oh yeah.  And that's why I am pretending Christmas and New Years never happened as far as blogging goes.  No time to blog this month and now I am just past caring.)

One trip at a time though.  Amy first.

With Amy and the Snoogs, we . . . 

Played on the Coronado beach

 Hit up the local taco stand (YUM)

Went to visit Shamu
Rode some silly kid rides at Sea World (good thing Aunt Laura isn't prego and could go with them!)

And explored the tide pools at La Jolla cove.

All in January!!!  Oh, I just love it here. Who else wants to come visit now?


Sarah McK said...

I do! I do!!! I want to come back TODAY. I miss you guys (and San Diego!) so much! Great great pics of you and the snoogs! You and Andrew on the beach....killer! And those Sea World ride pics are fab...such vibrant colors!

amylouwho said...

awwwww. Good times. I sent you the taco stand pic. you can add it later. :)

We forgot to take a picture of all the frozen yogurt we ate!

Rachel said...

I DO!!!!!